Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Corgis

I regret to inform you that I have no pictures or recipes for you today! I was too busy enjoying the amazing weather this weekend that I neglected my bloggy duties! My hope is that you all did the same! :-)

Saturday, I had training, came home and cleaned. We had Joel's friend and his fiancee over for a cook-out lunch. Made burgers (mine was turkey), veggie kabobs, and a big ole salad. The friends brought a beautiful strawberry rhubarb pie, which I desperately wanted! :-) I had some fresh pineapple instead. They also brought O'Malley, their corgi! Ooh, I DO have a pictures of that for you!

O'Malley in the back, Corgi in the front

O'Malley, being the Easter Ham

Corgi, with Z passing by

Sunday, Joel and I headed over to my parent's house for Easter "dinner" (which occurred around noon, so, Easter Lunch was more accurate). Mom made an unbelievable ham, with pineapples. We also had - au gratin potatoes, sweet taters, baked taters, green beans, asparagus, homemade rolls, assorted appetizers, strawberry shortcake, peeps, and jelly beans! I did indulge a bit. I had 1 sugar free peep, 1 regular peep (needed to do a side-by-side comparison. the sugar-free peep won!), and 5 jelly beans.

After we ate, we decorated eggs, which of course is always my fave part! I did some awesome eggs, and brought them home to be photographed, but unfortunately the color all ran off by this morning! Phooey! They'll still be delicious as egg salad lunch, though! ;-)

After all that, I headed over to the track for my run. Joel took Corgi for a little walk in the woods while I did my business. So everyone had a nice time.

Came back home, put in a movie (Adventureland... it was bad) Got some quality cuddle time with little Zevon though, so not a total waste!

Sooooooooo weight wise, this week... I am going to try and wait until Saturday to weigh in again. It's special LadyTime™ this week, but there are only 2 weigh ins left in the competition, so I can't have ANY excuses! I need to keep on top of my game! ;-) I really REALLY want to hit my first big goal of 217.5 this week.

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Janetha said...

Love those pups! Have a great week. :)

Melissa Whittaker said...

aww, i liked adventureland!