Monday, April 26, 2010


We had our Biggest Loser Finale!

Go me!  Of course I was trying so hard for first, but what can ya do!? :-)

So, now its time to announce the Blog Biggest Loser winner...

In the end, just FOUR people answered all the questions, so I used to pick a winner...

And so... Chrissy (Higgly) is the winner! 
She will receive a healthy prize of my choosing! I'll be sure to share with you all what it is :-)
Thank you for playing along! I really appreciated getting your answers and opinions on all the questions I posted.

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

yay on 3rd!!!! :) go you!!!!

also, i'm glad I didn't win. I had fun answering your questions but I didn't want to take a prize away from someone who deserved it, and I sure don't, I'm so lazy!! :)

muddymamma said...

terfieYAY You!!
Do you get a shiny medal to hand around your neck??
SOOO proud of you.. I know how hard you work!

Love you bunches!!