Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Bumbles

Sorry about the lacking posts lately!  I've been very busy the past week! I've been eating great food too, but haven't been able to stop and grab the camera!  I'm sorry :-( 

Sooo.. where am I at?
Well, I had my awesome weigh in on Saturday, which you all know about!  I lost just over 2lbs last week, and hit that 50lb mark! Hooray!  I haven't weighed in since, so we'll see what treasures this week brings me!  

This week is the very last week of the Biggest Loser competition. I think I am 3rd or 4th place currently, which I am very happy about! That means this week is the "Last Chance Workout" type of week. I even convinced Fatty to go jogging with me yesterday! I just want to keep eating as well as I have been, and keep up with my exercise with just a little more fervor. :-) Another 1 or 2lbs this week would be amazing! 

Here's what I've been eating a lot of - 

Field greens, carrots, bleu cheese, walnuts, sunflower seeds, cranberries, orange dressing. Delightful!

Don't forget! You have until MONDAY to get in your answers to the questions in the sidebar for your chance to win a prize!

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