Thursday, April 1, 2010


Woo! Exciting to see a post from Fatty, eh?! What a special treat ;-) I hope we'll be seeing more of him now, since he's on a mission to leave me in the dust!

So, thank you all for voting! Everyone who voted (except for one sadist mo-fo) told me to take my rest day. And so I did. And it was glorious. Joel took me out to eat and we had a great dinner. I almost always order appetizers as my meal. They are smaller portions, and tend to have some fresher options. I ordered wild mushroom bruschetta (no picture, it was too dark, but the thing was delicious), and orange cured sashimi tuna -

(sorry for the iphone pic, I don't really like pulling out the camera in nicer restaurants!)

Anyway, it was delicious and perfectly portioned.  I feel a great sense of pride when I leave a restaurant or party feeling like my diet has not been compromised. 

I am not weighing in until Saturday, I decided. So hopefully we can avoid any more waaahmbulance trips ;-) I'll be very excited to see 219 still on Saturday, or lower would be great!

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