Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pizza Crust

It is no surprise to you that my baby Joel L-O-V-E-S homemade pizza.  And I mean, thick crusted, multi-topping, layers of cheese, olive-oiled, deep dish homemade pizza. I actually do not like that kind of pizza, which is good, because with the calories in that stuff, I can't even go near it without gaining 32lbs. 
Anyway, Joel wants said pizza all.the.time.  And so, I have been on a forever hunt for an acceptable crust for myself.  Recently, I've tried - whole wheat dough, Boboli crust, whole wheat Boboli crust,  pre-made generic flatbread crust, sandwich thins (They are good in a pinch, though!).... and none of them really satisfied the flatbread pizza taste I needed, with low enough calories. 

Nothing.. until now!  Alas! I have found the secret! 

I have been using pre-made naan that I bought at the Indian supermarket. They are thin and sturdy, but not crispy. They have 200 calories each, so I can eat the WHOLE pizza. :-)

Bitchin' ! 

So, yeah... here it is : 

1 piece of naan
homemade sauce = canned crushed tomatoes, crushed garlic, red pepper flakes, olive oil, basil, tabasco sauce, salt & pepper
sliced sweet onion
organic shredded mozzarella
fresh basil
dried italian spice mix

3 refreshing comments:

higgly said...

That looks so tasty, def going to have to make it for Fatty. Cause he hates pizza ;)

Melissa said...

heh. MY FACE.

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

oh my gosh that looks oh so amazing! Naan! What a great idea!