Saturday, May 1, 2010


Trainer Bob is gonna be SO proud ;-)

Today, I bought  a bike! 

Now, keep in mind... I've never really ridden a bike before.  I learned late, like, age 13 or 14. And even then I was always too fearful to really ride the thing. Wheels are scary, man! 

Anyway, screw the fear! I bought the bike, a helmet, and a bike rack for my car.  

I took it over to a big parking lot to really try it out without fear or cars or bumps :-) I did good! Turning is an issue, I feel a need to slow down a ridiculous amount before making a turn... but hey, it's my first time! I'll get better! 

And, of course,  it's a good workout! Just cruising up a very slight incline was making me sweat. Joel took it for a spin, and he may get his own soon enough! 

So, here she is!  

(because the brand name is Trek, I've decided to name her Beverly Crusher)

And here's chunker, who came along for the ride. I need a beefy basket for her! :-) 

So, hooray! Once I get my skills up, I can go biking with Melissa!

2 refreshing comments:

JewliaGoulia said...

I love your new bike, how cute.

I just received a bike too (my sister's old hand-me-down.) I got on it today and. . . I need some practice. lol I kept yelling "I'm scared" to my husband. :)

I definitely need a helmet.

Enjoy your rides.



Melissa said...

Oh! Your bike is so pretty!

Woo hoo for biking together :) So excited!