Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wow! This is our 900th post! Crazy!

Unfortunately, I haven't much to report today. I had a fun but lightning speed weekend. The highlight of which being that I spent the majority of it with Melissa! Saturday, we attended a bachelorette party at a casino in Connecticut. It was fun, but tiring! I'm such a party pooping old lady! hehe, I don't even drink, and yet I felt hungover and exhausted the next day!

Sunday, Melissa came over so that I could teach her some exercises to do at home! She's working very hard to lose a few pounds before this wedding (she's a bridesmaid!), and asked for my help.
I wrote out a plan for her, and showed her all the moves. She did really great, and I have no doubt she'll do amazingly!

Last night (Monday), I did a run on the treadmill, and I thought it might be good to bump the incline way up for awhile to really start preparing for my mountain conquering! :-)  So I ran a half mile on a 7 incline! It did hurt my knee quite a bit, which is very annoying, but, otherwise, it was almost easy! I worked in a few fast sprints (on my usual 1 incline)  So, I felt like I got a good, diverse run in. Nothing makes you sweat like a hill, I tell you!

Unfortunately, that's all I have for you today... I need to work on taking more pictures of foods and things to share! I can't believe it's our 900th!  Maybe Fatty should post soon, in honor!

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Melissa & Brad said...

I am going to do fabulously, thanks to you. And when I weigh in before the wedding, if I lose weight, you can post about what an amazing trainer you are! ;) (I'd better lose some damn weight!).

Also, even though the weekend was busy, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed sharing it with you ;) And I even got some Corgi love! ;) (And Z love too!).