Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunshine with a heavy gray cloud!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day!
Joel and I needed to go somewhere nice, to release a little mouse we caught in the basement. 
(Ok, we didn't catch him, he caught himself.  We were watching a movie, and I kept hearing rustling behind me and I yelled at the dogs to shut up. They both looked up at me... from near my feet! 
Anyway, when I looked, there was a cute lil gray mouse in a plastic tub we had on the floor. He must have fallen right in it!  I gave him some food, water, and bedding for the night, and we were setting him free the next day. I named him Tom Petty, after realizing he free-falled from the ceiling)

Soooo, back the story.  We decided to release  Tom Petty to the Acton Arboretum.
It was so lovely there! Most of the flower's blooms we missed, by being too early or too late,  I suppose. But it didn't matter. Everything was SO green. And full of so much life. Every bush had something bustling in it, every pond had little friends swimming and hopping. Fat plumping bumblebees and bright butterflies. 

We followed all the trails that looked the least traveled.

Here's a list of things I am a sucker for  :

#1. Bridges. I love them! This little bridge actually lead NOWHERE. You go over the bridge, 
and bam - dead end.  I didn't mind, it meant I got to go over it twice!

#2. Creatures.  Can you see him in this pic? I admit, I like creatures both dead and alive. Just off camera was a GIGANTIC dead bullfrog. And, I'd be lying if I said we didn't poke it with sticks. 

#3. Nooks & Crannies.  I love little hidey holes. Caves, tunnels, etc. And look at this great hidey hole in the tree! We had just watched The Wolfman the night before, where in the movie, he hid in a tree just like this one! I tried to convince Joel to hide in it, but he refused. He's a scaredy cat. :-) 
(btw, that movie was pretty bad.)

#4. Stuff that looks old. Chances are this bench is not very old. But being out in the weather all year round really takes a toll.  I loved how old and used it looked!

This canopy, also, is not very old. But in my mind, I'm wearing a Victorian gown and carrying a parasol as I walk under it! :-)

 #5. Oversized things.  I feel the same way about teeny things :-) But these leaves were so gigantic it was absurd.  I felt like I was in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.


#6. Flowers!  Don't need to say much here. Beauty! 

#7. Buggles.  Look at this little guy! 

Now... onto the stuff you probably prefer to hear about...  So, Friday, I weighed in and say 213! WOWZA! This weekend I stayed as active as possible, riding my bike, running, walking, hiking, and some workouts inside. I had a couple off-meals (including a hot dog & corn on the cob dinner! yum!) I stayed within my calories, but it didn't matter much.  Today I am up to 217.  Based on the past few months.. the consensus is : if I eat ANYTHING other than - lettuce, chicken, and apples.. I am going to gain weight. Now, I'm fine with lettuce, chicken, and apples. But a girl gets bored. 

Alas. I had a nice, active weekend. And I hope you all did too!

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa & Brad said...

Oh man, 213! You're doing awesome.

And the pictures you posted are so amazing. I have recently come to be really into photography and beautiful pictures, and these are BEAUUUUUTIFUL pictures. So nice!

In fact, at some point, I'd love a copy of the image of the bridge to use as a background...

Chai Latté said...

I wish I was! The 213 was obviously quite fleeting! :-( And is long gone now!

You should be able to download a large size of the pics from my flickr. But if it doesn't let you, I can email them to you!

And, thank you :-) You should start taking some nature shots next time you go geocaching or something! I bet you'd get some nice ones!

Mandy K said...

Beautiful photos! (Did I miss them on Flickr? Poo)