Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wet dog in the summertime

This long weekend was spent doing a lot of cleaning, laundry, and other assorted not-fun things. But, it is nice to get all of that done. I did one super-fun thing, though! 

Joel and I took Corgi to go swimming :-) She loooves to swim, and I do too. We've got this place we like to go that is a short hike through the woods to a bunch of little beaches. It's a pretty quiet place, so you're usually guaranteed your own little private beach. One of them even has a rope swing tied up!  Corgi wasn't up for that ;-)  But here's some pictures for your pleasure!

Somebody left a full bag of Doritos on the ground. Corgi was doing community service, cleaning up nature.

Corgi had a fabulous time :-)

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

OMG, soooo freakin' cute. :)

muddymamma said...

happy corgi!!!!

Mandy K said...

He looks so happy!!