Monday, September 27, 2010

Poop coffee!

Happy Monday, peeps!

I had a really quick, but really lovely weekend... and I hope ya'all this too!

Saturday, I want to a community theater production of The Fantasticks, and it was just that.  I had a really wonderful time with my Auntie, and the show was really great!

On Sunday, Fatty, our friend Bumblenetti, and I went to a coffee tasting seminar near Boston. It was really a lot of fun. I got to taste some amazing coffees, including the most expensive and rare coffees in the world!  (If anyone saw The Bucket List, you'll recognize Kopi Luwak) I regret to inform you that while I remembered to bring my camera, I neglected to take it out. Woops!
You'll just have to trust me.. it was fun, informative... and... highly CaFFeiNAteD! :-)

Backtracking a bit to last Thursday, I'd like to tell you a bit about my training session.  If you promise not to tell anyone... I will let you know that I RAN. :-) Only 5 minutes... but I RAN. I know I am not supposed to... but I was feeling ansy, and I wanted to test out a jog in my new sneaks.
I admit that I will probably be doing just a few minutes every now and then. Because, honestly.. I worked VERY hard to build up my running skills and stamina.. and I am going to be very upset to lose all of that.  I feel like a few minutes (miles! ;-) )  here and there will  not kill me, and will make me feel better about everything.
After my baby jog, Bob told me about a new Weekly Workout Challenge he has started.  On the board, was listed a workout of about 12 exercises. Whoever completes the whole workout fastest, wins!
So I tried it!  Amazingly, I beat the person who took it before me.  But naturally, the dude who went after me kicked my time's butt! :-) But it's ok, it was really fun to  do.. and I look forward to the challenge of a new one every week!

Here it is, for anyone at home who would like to try it! (this is from memory, so it might be a bit off, but you get the point!)

Week 1 Challenge
25 Walking Lunges
20 Pull ups
30 Push ups
50 Jump Rope Rotations
25 Knees-to-Elbows (like a double-crunch)
30 Kettle Bell Swings
50 Box Jumps (or 100 Step Ups)
30 Back Extensions
20 Jack Knives w/med ball
60 Second Plank Hold
25 Bicep Cleans
25 Med Ball Slams w/20lb med ball

I may have forgotten an exercise.. not sure.
Anyway... Do it up, let me know your time so I can be proud of you!

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Mandy K said...

Go you!! I am not sure I could even do 20 push ups.