Friday, September 3, 2010


Happy Friday everybody!

Let me say, first, thank you for all your sweet comments about my fishy!  He was a fish... So, I can't I shed any tears over the little guy. But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit sad to see him go. I haven't emptied his bowl yet, so I found myself saying good morning to him this morning!  But alas, it was wasted on an empty bowl!  I haven't decided if I'll get a new fishy friend or not yet. We shall see!

Not much else going on over here.  I am quite sick, but getting better. I had to miss training last night because I could barely breathe, and the fever was killing me.  I gotta tell you, I never realize what a huge part of my life exercise is now. I miss one day and I feel guilty and gross and sad! I think that is a great thing!

I know I'll be ok for my session on Saturday.  :-)

My knees are still taped up from Wednesday night. I'm going to just leave it on until it falls off, like she said. I've been focusing a lot on not "snapping my knees back" (which, I think when she says that she means hyper-extending my knees backwards). Which, I never realized I did.  But, I guess I do.  Now when I am just standing around, I am trying to keep a super slight bend in my knees.  I can feel my quads engaged when I do that, so if anything, it will at least help strengthen up my stuff.
For the most part, the tape (i think) seems to help, especially Lefty. So, that's promising!

In case you were wondering, both of my goals for this week were botched. 
I didn't drink much at all, because I couldn't swallow very well.  And the only fancy meal I prepared was a tiramisu for our office throwdown. (yes, I'll have pics of that, at least!) I heard it was delicious, but I did not win!

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

I'm sorry you're still sick, I hope it gets better for you soon!

I vote for a new fishy! :) And this one, you can name, Melissa Jr.

Salina Lyn said...

Poor fishy... I'm sorry. Feel better soon. :)