Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've Got a Bugg!



One of my very favorite people gave me this little bugger for my birthday! I couldn't be more excited!
I got it all set up last night, and it charged its little heart out. Today, I am wearing it on my arm, and I feel like a Biggest Loser contestant! :-) 
Wearing it is easy—the rest of the process is a little cumbersome but I definitely think I can get used to it. It does not allow me to adjust the nutritional portion to my new paleo diet. But that won't stop it from counting the things it needs to count. I get to see how many calories I burn all day and  how many steps I take.  I have a feeling that I'll be in the deficit zone every day, since it tells me to eat 1,900 calories (to lose 2lbs per week).  And I average 1,100-1,400 a day. 

I am so incredibly grateful for this gift. It is something I've wanted, but haven't bought for myself. 
Thank you!!

Anyway, since today is Day 1 with this thing, you'll have to wait until I'll post tomorrow with my findings :-)

Tomorrow is also my first weigh in since starting Paleo (1 week!) so wish me luck on that!

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Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

Yay for the bugg! Since it's winter, you don't need this piece of advice, but if you ever want to NOT have it on your arm, you can also wear it on your left leg or in your bra (I wear mine there every day now, LOVE IT!) Also, I have a spreadsheet to track my deficit since I didn't want to use the bugg nutrition tracking program (too onerous). Finally, sparkpeople has some bodybugg forums that are helpful.