Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

Of course, I have to do the obligatory Thankful post :-)

I was born blessed. I got an incredible family, who raised me in a way that allowed me to meet amazing people and form wonderful friendships.

I fell in complete love with the most perfect man in the world.

I want for nothing (aside from losing weight, ha!) and I take nothing for granted.

This year, I'd like to especially thank Bob & the other trainers, for sticking with me and working so hard to help me reach my goals. Ok, I know they get paid for it :) But you have to trust me on this one. These people have my back 100% and want nothing but success for me. It's an amazing feeling and I owe so much to them.

Although he doesn't read this, my other thanks goes to Joel. I love him beyond anything in this world, and he is so supportive of me.

Thank you to my few readers, who stick with me, despite my not-so-motivating lack of success in this weight loss journey. Every comment makes me smile, and just knowing I have cyber friends out there is such a nice feeling!

But I know why you're really reading this... you want to know what I ate!

Ok, here's my plate :

Turkey Day

Turkey Day

We've got - Turkey, green beans, celery, a pickle, some olives, turnips, 1/2 sweet potato, and butternut squash. I also added after, some of my Mom's homemade cranberry sauce (sugar free!)
I also had a couple pieces of celery with caviar.
And a slice of squash pie (also sugar free... thanks Mom!)

I had a wonderful day spent with family and food, and of course my baby Coops!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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