Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 10

Day 10 : Discuss your first love and first kiss.

His name was Russell, but you can call him Russ for short.  He was the new kid in town. He had a leather jacket and Levi jeans.  I knew I loved him from the moment I saw him.
He sauntered up to me, plunged one hand into his pocket defiantly. I tilted my head and probably swooned audibly.  He said to me "Hey. I'm Russ. Do you want to be my girlfriend?" 
Whoa now. Boys from out of town move fast!  "Sure"  I whimpered, and he smooched me right on the lips. 
It was kindergarten, and it was my first kiss.

Now, for my first love...
I would choose Nick.  Nick and I lived in the same neighborhood.  We met in fifth grade and became instant buddies.  Nick was a chubby kid with golden brown hair and green eyes. He had the most infectious laugh you could hear.  He made me laugh incessantly, and that is my weakness!  We'd hang out before school, during school, and after school.  I was head over heels! We were best friends from 5th to 7th grade.  He knew, I'm sure, that I was in love with him.  I can't imagine pre-teen girls are very subtle with their feelings. 
We grew closer and closer. Eventually, in 8th grade  I had the guts to ask him to the dance. My big chance!  We'd get married, buy a house, live happily ever after! *sigh*
He said yes.  Oh, I was excited!  I picked out a glorious dress, I had my hair all planned out!
A week before the dance, I caught wind that a girl named Barbara wanted to go to the dance with Nick. MY NICK!? HANDS OFF, BITCH!!  She called me that night and confessed her love for him.  I called him and told him that Barbara was so much prettier than me, he really ought to go with her instead, that I would understand.
He jumped at the chance! And I was heartbroken. But I did it to myself!  I should have fought for my man!  I actually repeated the same situation twice after that. I stepped back from a relationship because I thought I was the lesser choice.  So sad, little Shannon... so sad!

But it's ok.  Nick and my friendship faded away after that. And though we went off to the same high school, we rarely spoke.  He became a jerk and a bully in high school, as a lot of boys do. And any pining I had left for him was gone. I've still got some sweet poems and notes and a necklace he made me... stashed away in a box of memories, so I still consider him my first love!

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Melissa Whittaker said...

This was very cute ;) Not the part about Barbara though (gah, that name makes me cringe).

Mandy K said...

ohhh I remember that dance!