Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 14

Day 14 : Your earliest memory.

You know... I have an incredible situational memory (yes, I just made that term up, but stay with me!).  I can remember situations and happenings so clearly,  even from an early age. But, I have a horrible memory for dates and times. So, I can remember what happened, but I can't remember when it happened.  I could have been 2 years old, I could have been 12 years old. It's weird.

Anyway,  I have wonderful early memories of my Daddy tucking me in when I was so little.  He used to push the blankets so far under me, that I was SO SNUG. Immovable!  And I loved it.  He'd do it to all us kids, and when we were small we shared 1 bedroom. So the only thing better than being tucked in myself, was listening to my brother and sister giggling wildly as they were being scooted into a cocoon!

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