Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 28

Day 28 : Something that you  miss

I'm actually a very nostalgic person. I miss a lot of things. . .

I miss camping every year with my family
I miss seeing my friends every single day when we were in school
I miss living with Adam and seeing him all the time
I miss game nights with Melissa
I miss staying up late with my Dad while he played music
I miss all my pets that are no longer alive
I miss my convertible
I miss colleagues that have moved on
I miss slumber parties with girlfriends
I miss my Barbies
I miss doing theater
I miss late night drives to the beach
I miss my Mom's bakery
I could probably go on all night...

But I will tell you, for all those things I miss, there are two things to look forward to.
I'm not often sad when I think of things I miss, I am just glad I have these things to remember so fondly :-)

I will say, however, that in this very moment, the thing I miss the most is the warm sunshiny weather!

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