Monday, April 4, 2011

Topless Dogs

Spring has been teasing us like a jerk.  We have one amazing warm sunny day, then a snowstorm. Its killing me! I am soooo ready to get outside. Ride my bike, play tennis, basketball, go on a hike! 
Yesterday was warm and sunny, but with a VERY strong and cold wind.  We took the opportunity to take the pups out for a walk anyway.  The wind didn't ruin it, but it didn't really make it super nice. 

It did mark the pups first ride in Midnight Max, though!

Corgi looks so happy!

This is the after-walk shot.  They were exhausted and content :-)  I put the top back up for the drive home because we were fearing rain. 
Getting the pups in and out of the car was NOT easy. Well, to get them in I just picked them up and tossed them in.  But getting them back out was not easy. There will be some getting used to, with this new car.  But they loved having the top down. Especially Z.  He's so off the wall, I thought it might really scare him. But, he was making this hilarious ZEN face. Like the sun was fueling his soul. He's so goofy!

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