Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Post!

I've been maintaining my own weight-loss journal over at LiveJournal for a few years now, so it's actually pretty weird to be starting a new over here. I think it's a good thing, though.

I started this new blog for a few reasons. One being that I've found quite a bit of solace and support in various low-carb blogs and sites recently. And I almost feel like, I owe it to them to create my own place.
Also, I feel like this will keep Bry and I on track together, and give us a new sense of accountability with our diets.

I have a lot of goals and reasons for wanting this body change (which I am sure I will post in an upcoming entry) but one thing that keeps me going is wanting to be an "after". I could spend hours (and have!) scouring the internet for "before & after" pictures of people's transformations in weight loss. It's fascinating, and absolutely inspiring. Its never just their bodies that change, but the smiles on their faces, and the confidence in their eyes. I want that for myself, and I want to BE that for someone else.

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