Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ok, so, why diet, and why low carb?

I am one of those been-fat-my-whole-life-tried-every-diet kind of girls. I have tried everything from Weight Watchers to the Cabbage Soup Diet. Surprisingly, even the good old tested-and-true low-calorie, lots of exercise way didn't even work so well.
There are a few reasons (ahem, excuses). For one, I am an overeater. It's an eating disorder, and I can freely admit it. I get it from my Mom (thanks Mom!), and it's always been a brutal hurdle to launch my chub self over. I don't "eat my feelings" I simply eat my time. I eat when I am hungry, full, sick, bored, stressed, happy, you name it.. I simply EAT. I get home and think about what I can eat. I finish eating, and I think "what can I eat now?" and now, and now, and after that. . .

It IS a drug to me. And quitting isn't very easy.

I do believe that eating a low in carbohydrate diet is healthy when done properly, and I also feel that it will allow me to lose weight consistently. We shall see if that proves true! I am not trying this as a fad diet, or a quick fix. I am setting out to live my life eating healthily and eating what is most appropriate for my own body. Which I feel should be low on complex carbs.

I have been eating low-carb for a couple weeks now, and I feel great. I don't lack energy, or poop. I eat veggies and fruits in moderation for vitamins and tasty tastes. I find that I eat less at meals, and I snack MUCH less often.

Now, I am not some crunchy hippie.. but I just think about old-school humans—livin' in caves and stuff. They ate meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, anything they could hunt or gather. They didn't bake bread, cake, or cookies. They didn't huddle around the newest invention toasting sweet marshmellows I just don't think our bodies are meant to handle the volume of carbs that we give them on a daily basis. Nearly everything today is made with sugar and white flour. It's tasty as hell, and it's great that we're evolving as a species and creating these wonderful sensory things. But, maybe we're going in the wrong direction with it.

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Steve L. said...


Saw your comment at Jimmy Moore's blog. I love the idea of brother and sister teaming up. Sounds like you've absorbed the right ideas about low carb. I know what you mean about just eating all the time, no excuses needed. I was the same way. But once you break the vicious cycle of recurring hunger that high carbs and insulin cause, hunger gets low enough that it's alot easier to deal with the emotional/habit eating. When we're in it, we don't realize how much the carbs are driving the hunger cycle.

Sounds like you're already seeing good success. Let that build your motivation to continue. I found that if I was honest with the carb counts, I couldn't help but lose. Without portion control, without calorie counting, without obsessing over the scale. And exercise? Cardio just makes you hungry. It's a wash. I lost without exercising at all for the first 6 months. After that I started resistance training only, and it did accelerate the loss somewhat.

Good luck to you both. I think you've hit on the true path.


Chai Latté said...

Steve! Thank you so much for commenting. We really appreciate it.

You are so right.. I know that counting calories, and exercising your brains out DOES work, but as "simple" as it is in theory, it's actually much more complicated. Counting carbs is EASY. They are low numbers, easy to count and easy to know when to STOP.

We do try to exercise a lot, especially for strength and endurance, but I LOVE knowing that even if I don't, as long as the carbs are low, the scale will be going down!

Thanks again!