Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ahh!! I don't know who to believe!!

Typically, I weigh myself on a fancy digital scale in the mornings. This morning, I weighed in at 258.0. This evening, Fatty and I did some exercising, then got on the Wii Fit to play. Then, I weighed myself on there. Now, last time I did, it came very close to matching my normal scale. So I thought they were both accurate and that was splendid. Well, the Wii weighed me at 253.8. Which, of course would be faaabulous. BUT, I just weighed myself on the scale, and it said 259.

WTF? Granted, Mr. Wii compensates for your clothing, 2lbs. So, at the most, (to be accurate) it should have said I was 257.

Who should I believe?! I sooo badly want to count that 253, it's a beautiful number! Aghhk!

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