Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eating Out, Low-Carb Style - Chili's

Fatty and I went to Chili's yesterday for lunch. Beforehand, I looked at their nutritional info, and wrote down on a post-it note what I was able to order. Here is what the post-it said -

Wings Over Buffalo (10 wings) - 4g
Ribeye (Flame-Grilled) - 1g
Classic Sirloin - 1g
NY Strip - 1g
Skewered Shrimp - 1-2g
Hamburger, no bun, no toppings - 0g

We ended up ordering the Wings to share (5 wings each, 2g)
I got the NY Strip, Fatty (man, I LOVE calling him Fatty! ha!) got the ribeye. No sides (although, the crackhead waitress included all sides, loaded mashed taters, veggies, and texas toast!) But we didn't eat them. Go us! so our meals were approx. 3g each!

On a LCF (low-carb friendly) rating system of Steak to Cinnamon Bun, I give Chili's a tablespoon of Ketchup. While there weren't any amazing options, or low-carb side dishes, what we ordered was very tasty, and they do offer enough steaks. And I freakin' love steak!

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Jenn Baker said...

Hey you! Great new journal. I've added a link section and included a link to yours in it. :) I'm getting ready to write my first thoughts on Chili's since I ate there yesterday. Had a GREAT Caribbean salad.

Chai Latté said...

We had Chili's on the same day! ;-)

It's a regular place for us to go, but after I saw there nutritional info, it's kinda hard to go there.

Although I am a very big salad fan, I don't enjoy sweet things in my salad, so I have not yet tried the caribbean one. I am glad you liked it!