Wednesday, June 4, 2008

99 problems but a lunch ain't one

Went out for lunch today with Chai. We grabbed some steak tips from the 99's. We both swapped out the sides for an iceberg wedge, with bacon, and blue cheese dressing. It also came with tomatoes on it, but we both kicked those to the curb. Yuck tomatoes. Anyway, not a bad lunch, a plate full of beef, which they actually cooked rare for us. YAHOOO! You just can't go wrong with a nice rare chunk of beef. :)

Neither of us finished the lettuce, so I'm guessing maybe 4-5 carbs in the lunch. Somewhere around there, if I'm wrong Chai will let me know. She's much better at estimating that stuff than I am.

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Chai Latté said...

This is the best headline!