Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok, you caught me. I weighed myself. I didn't mean to, I just.. I couldn't help it!
I was on the Wii last night, and I just HAD to look. 253 it said. WOO! I said! But then, this morning I stepped on Mr. Scale, and that little bitch said 256.5, which DID NOT make me say Woo!

I do not want to believe that I gained weight by Mr. Scale, nor do I believe that I lost weight by Wii scale.

But in general, I'm not happy.

After tomorrow, my sugar substitute trial is over, and I already believe that it is not the reason for my stall. However, I WILL be cutting back drastically on it for good.
I don't need so much crystal light or diet coke. I just don't.

So the new experiment will be cutting down the cheese, and sodium. Sodium will be HARD. I freakin love salt. Seeeriously. I would have a salt lick like a hamster if it were socially acceptable.

Now it will be 1 serving of cheese a day, maximum. See how that goes. Mr. Jimmy Moore (low-carb god) says that if you stall, you should do change nothing and just keep plugging till the scale moves again. BUT, that is in the case where you've already lost weight, and know that it works. Well, I don't know, because I haven't.

Vanna. . . show them the new rules!!

1. Maximum of 1 serving of cheese per day
2. Maximum of 1 item with artificial sweetener (ie : 1 diet coke, 1 crystal light, etc)
3. Try to lay off the sodium a bit
4. Try to up the water intake as well. I'm ok at work, but barely drink at home
5. Do more strength exercises on the Wii, I've been relying on mostly aerobic
6. Find my (or buy a new) measuring tape and take measurements (barf)

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