Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's becoming very clear that I am the chattier sibling! :-) But that's OK, right?

So it's Tuesday. Two more days until I am allowed to officially weigh myself. I admit, it won't be much of a surprise. I have to weigh myself on the Wii every night with my work out, and although I don't look at the numbers, it does show me the graph without asking! I can see that every other day, I go up the same amount, and the days in between I go down the same amount. Like, seriously? I couldn't plan that better. It's a PERFECT zigzag design.

I am, though, switching back to Mr. Scale after all. Because I do prefer to weigh myself in the AM, before my shower, without the few lbs of clothes on. If I am going to be tracking it, I should be consistent. Also, I am going to try to find my tape measure, and try that on for size as well. I am awful at taking measurements. Don't ask me how, I just am. I somehow forget which point on my body I took the measurement, and can never recreate it. It's so dumb.

Anywho...not much else to report. Eating great, keeping up with my Wii Fit... all is good.. and all will be BETTER when I start losing some weight! :-)

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