Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Recap!

So, Fatty and I decided to have a "Boot Camp Weekend" this weekend. We made a to-do list of activities and things that we had to complete from Thursday to Sunday. Eating right, drinking water, playing tennis, walking pups, certain exercises, and using Wii Fit for a certain amount of time were all on the agenda. Thurs, we started with some training, like crunches, pushups, burpees, etc (I will have Fatty post on the burpees. Oi!) Let me tell you, that little session KICKED OUR ASSES. I am still tired from it, it's ridiculous. Friday, we played tennis for a few hours, albeit a *bit* half-ass, as my knee was angry (as usual) but mostly because we were so hurtin' from Thurs!

Friday night my Mom came over to have dinner with me, we made swordfish steak, spinach in lemon olive oil, and seasoned pan-cooked shrimp. Seriously, tastiest meal in a long time. Here's a groovy pic -

Saturday came, and it brought some more Wii Fit, and a nice walk with the pups, on our still-freakin-tired legs. We worked so hard, we deserved a treat! So I bought some gigantic lobsters, and we feasted! Then pooped. A lot.
Observe - (the lobbies, not the poops.)

(no, the wrench was not used on the lobster, though we nearly needed it)

Last week I ordered some sugar-free flavor syrups from Well, they came, and they ROCK. I got the pineapple, almond, and caramel flavors ... but I am SO going to order all five hundred bazillion flavors. They made amazing sodas (mix with soda water), coffees, use in recipes, or even just a dash to spruce up your water. Trust me. GOOD.

This mornin, woke up, Wii'd some more, then made breakfast, which was kielbasa, goat cheese, and cheddar omelettes.

It was a good weekend. We hit all of the targets on our to-do list. (Well, *almost* - I didn't finish my Wii minutes! Shh!)

I would have ideally liked to do even more exercising, so maybe we'll learn not to burn out on the first day next time! it was fun though,

A special thanks to Fatty Boombalatty for this weekend, and helping me out so much.
I apologize for the extra super long post. :-)

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