Friday, May 30, 2008

Meal time!? I'm not ready! - Response

I am sooo with you, Fatty. I throw away more produce than I buy, it seems like!
Everytime I go shopping, I buy 2 giant cucumbers. In a month, I have a veggie drawer full of squiishy juicy mold logs. I think, why didn't I eat these?! because I didn't PLAN to! That's why.

The older I get, the more plan-oriented I get. I love to write stuff out, make a schedule, form a plan, a menu! I go to the grocery store literally every other day, or MORE, sometimes twice a day. I plan for the next meal, or the next days meals and that about it. But I am extremely lucky, a have a great, giant grocery store 2 minutes from my house, right on my route home.

I believe that planning is the #2 most important component to weight loss. #1 being desire to do it.

I am typing this at the same time as my grocery list! So hey, why don't I share with you my low-carb grocery list!

Pork ribs (for Buffalo Ribs)
Bleu cheese dressing
Swordfish steak
1 Lemon
Cheddar cheese (block)
Cream of tarter (gonna attempt Oopsies)
Goat cheese
Vitamins (something with potassium)
Sirloin tips
Jumbo shrimp
Mongolian fire oil (so good on shrimps!)
Soda water
Pork Rinds

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