Thursday, July 24, 2008


I was browsing through my other journal, and it's funny...when I look back through the years of entries, the years of trying to lose weight.. it's depressing, and yet somehow inspirational.

Last year, I was 15lbs lower than I am right now (and that was after a 25lb loss!). Then (you guessed it) I gained it all back, +5. It is beyond frustrating, knowing that I was already down there, now that I am trying to hard. But it really makes me so ready to NEVER gain weight back again.

I will get to goal, and I will STAY there.

In my journal, I also found this little gem. -

Dear Body.

I know that this is all very hard for you. You've got Mrs. Brain telling you all kinds of things that could ruin you, and you're finally starting to reject her. I applaud you for that. She's not always right, you know. She's got issues, and she tries to punish you for them, it's not fair. You need to stand up for yourself. Realize what is healthy by intuition, and don't let her bully you into wanting more.

Now Body, I do need you to realize that I am trying to change you because I do love you. It's not that I don't appreciate what you've done for me, or anything like that. I just feel like, it's my turn now to drive. I have a feeling you'll be MUCH happier when you are healthy, and fit! You'll look nice, and you'll feel SO much better! Think of how comfy you'll be in movie theater seats! And the thrill you can get at amusement parks! I will take you to dance, and run, and play outside in the spring time! Wouldn't you love to put on a bathing suit and feel the sun? I thought so.

So I am writing to ask for your help. You've been pretty supportive so far, but I need you to step it up a notch! When Mrs. Brain tries to feed you too much, please tell her no. When Mr. Treadmill asks for your cooperation, kindly give it. If we all work together, we'll make one very happy Shannon.

I'd love to reward you with a new size, so, keep it up! and I'll see you later.

Love you,
- Shannon.

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Jenn Baker said...

That is beautiful. I feel similar with mine. We argue (as if you didn't know!) and right now I'm just trying to figure out it's secret code.

"I know you have a secret. Just tell me and I'll make most of the bad fat go far far away..."

We just gotta keep picking ourselves up and trying again. :)