Friday, July 25, 2008


I really need to find some kind of muscle ointment or something. I don't know how Melissa and I are going to walk around the beach tomorrow! Me with my impossibly sore quads, and her with a horribly pulled hamstring. We'd be crookin' all around like a 100 year old couple. It's funny, the great things we do for our body.. only to be punished!

Aanyway. Another day down! And tonight is Week 2, Day 2 of the push ups!

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Melissa said...

Mine's getting a little better today - at least, I'm not limping. Still very painful, but I can handle it, I think :)

Sorry about your pain though! :) Rest up tonight! said...

I'm looking forward to sore muscles again. One of my big goals with BMR is to work out, at least 20 minutes every day. My elliptical machine is upstairs so I took my Kids In The Hall DVDs up there and I realized, each show is about 20 minutes. It's a win/win situation. I get to watch my favoritest show on earth and get a quickie work out.

You and the way you keep working out is such an inspiration to me. I wonder, seriously, if I didn't have studying as an excuse, would I have been sticking with it like you? I know me, I wouldn't have. But then I like to have positive role models around me to look at and say "Hey, I like her and SHE can do it... get off your fat arse and get some work done!"

On the other hand I've kept the house clean for 3 weeks. I think THAT is an awesome ordeal. :)

Chai Latté said...

Melissa - I am glad yours is a little better! Tonight I'll be walking a little (is good for sore muscles) and pushups, but thats IT! :-)

Jenn -
I love you! :-) This is the nicest comment ever, THANK YOU. I hate exercising, I seriously do. So, someone praising me on it means A LOT. I also love Kids in the Hall!!! So awesome.
Awesome about the house too. Its such a feat for me to keep it clean for days, nevermind weeks! You know what I do that you might like? When I know I don't have time to exercise AND clean, I just put on loud dance music, and exercise WHILE I clean. I do lunges while I sweep, jog in place while doing dishes, and dance my patootie off around the house. Seems silly, but it's multi tasking! :) said...

We MUST be secret sisters, dopplegangers, SOMETHING!

I have YET to meet someone who shares my love of Kids In The Hall.

So I have to ask, (and I'm sure the answer is yes) but do you have that quirky sense of humor, kindof dry and dark, that most people don't get?

If you're bored on the weekend and need to clean the house, there is usually a game of 15:15 going on on The Playground at LCF. Basically you clean for 15 minutes and then you take a 15 minute internet break. We check in with each other, announce what we've accomplished, what we intend to accomplish and yadda yadda. It's really a LOT easier for me to clean house when I know that 5+ women are doing the exact same thing at that exact same moment. And/or they're getting more accomplished than me so I'm inclined to step it up to keep pace.

Of course with this summer class I've been reading for my 15 "break", check in, clean, check in, read...

I may have to try working out while I clean... I tend to get really focused on the task at hand and try to get through it. :)