Monday, July 21, 2008


Just got back from the gym. Hooray. Day 1 of Project : Work Out More, completed! :-)
I ran on the treadmill, did a complete upper body work out plus abs. And most proudly.. I convinced Joel to keep going when he said "I can't!"

I told him what my Dad always told me. (he is very wise man, my Dad) - he would say - "Its not that you CAN'T, its that you WON'T" There was nothing I said "can't" to that I actually could NOT do. It's just that it seemed so hard that I wasn't even willing to try.

My arms are so tired...I have a feeling my pushups tomorrow are going to be BRUTAL!

2 refreshing comments:

Anonymous said...

Yahhhhhhh for you. Keep up the good work. You are doing alot better then me, Im stuck in this huge funk of cheating and cant shake my self out of it. Your bro even tryed yelling at me but the frosting was much louder. Keep it up cause you r a inspiration (prob spelled wrong)


Chai Latté said...

You spelled it right!! I am so proud :-)

Now, listen.. you were doing SO good. STOP cheating! Get back on it. You could lose more before Vegas! Come on!