Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Rules for today -

• Drink more water. (at least 64 ounces during the work day)
• No cheese
• Day 4 of Push Up Challenge (I don't know how, my arms are SO sore!)
• Pre-choose my meal before dinner tonight. (I'm going to Cheesecake Factory)

I'm going to try to have no cheese or nuts for the rest of the week. These are two big things that people complain about causing stalls. We'll see if that helps. It is hard though... my fridge is STOCKED with cheeses. I am also going to be exercising in some form every night this week.
Tonight : push ups
Wed : work out with Fatty
Thurs : Gym
Fri : Gym, Wii, Pilates video (or combo of three)
Sat : Beach day with Melissa! if we walk a lot, I'll count it. If not, I'll do Wii Fit in the evening.
Sun : Gym

Ok, I've written it all out. And therefore, I can't go back on it now! You all hold me accountable!

1 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

If its warm enough - we can swim. That will sure burn off some awesome calories!

The beach we're going to is super fun. And essentially, private-like. There will be people, for sure, but while Hampton is all commercial, and full of riff-raff punk teens, Wingershiek has no stores or boardwalk. Its just a beach.

I need buckets though! For fish, and hermie crabs :)