Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, I had amazing day at the beach yesterday with Melissa! Unfortunately, though, I came home with a brutal sunburn (she did too, poor thing!) Two years ago, I had a burn so bad that I got sun poisoning. Apparently, once you get it, you're very prone to it from then on. Lovely. Needless to say, I got sun poisoning. I feel awful, but honestly, the worst part of it.. is that I can't do my push ups! And that really bums me out.

The sickness part is nearly over (it makes you nauseous, dizzy, weak, fainting) and I'll just be left with an ouchie burn. So I will be lucky enough to have a burn,and a Lady Time™ for the same week! What a happy week :-)

Tomorrow will mark the first week on the Atkins meal plan, I haven't weighed myself.
I'm going for one more week, especially since it's LT™ and that will cause a bloaty gain for sure. I was able to stay on plan for the most part. I did forget a few snacks here and there which stinks. But, its been good. First half of the week I did excellent with the exercising, and obviously right now isn't doing so great with it. Once I can move my arms again I'll be back at it.

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

I am sorry. I couldn't do day 3 yet either. I will try tonight, but ouchie!

My back/shoulders - they hurt worse today than yesterday. its like, I feel like I have NO skin on them it hurts so bad. said...

Glad you had fun.

Sorry you're hurting.

Get bettah soon!