Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goals, revisited

I've been doing a little more thinking about my own rewards system, and what I want to get for myself when I hit my goal weight. I also realized, I'm getting pretty close to my goal weight. That means I'm getting close to my reward. Which I had convinced myself I really can't afford to get myself something monetary. As Chai mentioned before, it's kinda shady to lose weight, for a reward other than being a better, healthier me, but it works and it's a good motivational factor. So I decided I am going to buy myself something when I hit my target weight. I gave myself a dollar limit, and I'm going to save what I can until I hit my 185lbs. If I have more than I was expecting, cool, I can upgrade. :) So here it is... My new motivation.

Not the exact one I'm planning on getting, but I'm going to get a nice 4x10" bass cabinet.:)

On top of that, I decided I don't want to hit my goal, and just stop the diet, and balloon back up, so I've given myself another goal. Keep the weight off! Rewarding myself again for this one too. 6 months down the road, if I'm still around my 185lbs goal, I get another new toy. Here's the plan for 6 months of fatlessness....

I'll figure our more into the future later one. Here's some good targets for me, for now. :)

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Chai Latté said...

Yay rewards!!! :-) You will SO deserve these things!