Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well for one, to start updating here more often. I know, I've been slacking, but sometimes it's hard to update when there's nothing going on. I've been too busy to get a constant work out going on, and I haven't even weighed myself in a couple weeks. Heading over Chai's house to get some of that in tonight though. I did get my first comment on looking thinner though, so that was nice. I tend to not really notice it. However, the other day when shaving(one of the rare times I felt like trimming the forest that grows on my face) I think it looked like my love handles are getting smaller. So that's pretty cool.

As far as health related goals go, obviously, I want to keep losing. My short term goal, is 6lbs in the next two weeks. Or whatever I need to lose to get under 200 by the 19th. I'm hoping I haven't gained in the last couple weeks. I've been good with the low-carb eating, but I have had a few beers. I try to stay "good" and go for the Jack Daniels and Diet Coke, but it's tough to shell out the extra cash if I'm not having a few drinks around the apartment. Longer term goal, is to get down to 185, and stay there. Maintaining is going to be tough. I know me, it's either go all out, or don't go at all. So to up my carb count to a place where I maintain instead of lose, is going to be hard. As is, I'm sure I'm way under on carbs half the time. Happy mediums have never been easy for me obtain a steady weight, without going up, and having to diet again to drop back to where I want to be will be tough.

I love rewards, but it's tough to promise myself stuff like Chai does, I'm as bad with money as I am with staying fit. Although, I have been rewarded a few times, by being able to wear shirts that I haven't been able to fit into for years, if ever really. And I'm not going to lie... that Troma shirt is freakin' awesome! :)

Maybe when I hit my ultimate goal, I'll get a new guitar, or something for my music. :)

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