Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I think it figures that I finally found a diet that I like, and I can stick with easily.. and it doesn't work well for me. I still have half-ass hope that I'm going to magically drop a big number. But realistically, I know that won't happen. I've always made goals like, 10lbs a month, 30lbs by such and such, 100 lbs by next year... But I really need to get serious, and resign myself to being one of those unfortunate people that losing weight really, really slowly. I need to be OK with losing 20lbs a year, because hey, at least it's going down. It's just, I've spent ALL of my life being so heavy, I want to hurry up and lose it, so I can enjoy the rest of my 20's as a sexy young thing! I feel that this is essential for my esteem.

Basically, I need to CHILL out about it. Eat good, enjoy life, don't weigh myself, don't worry about it. But the minute I start to do that, I lose focus and start gaining again. It's all or nothing for me... so I need to just deal with the slowness, and the disappointment. And maybe it'll surprise me. ( <-- but that's the thinking that gets me disappointed!)

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Jody said...

If you can stick with it and you like, keep going! And as you're going, experiment a little here and there with what might work even better.

Congratulations on finding a way of eating that you enjoy! That's a huge thing.

ammy said...

Man, I hear this so often...I wish I had the magic formula to help you lose weight at the rate you want to lose.

I feel very blessed that I was able to lose the majority of my weight rather quickly...but I'm suffering now and losing it even slower that slow-slow-slow...I've been stuck at this weight for a year!
However...stuck can also be considered "maintaining" at least worded that way feels better!

Chai Latté said...


Thank you!! I agree!

If you do ever find the magic formula, please pass it on to me! :-)