Wednesday, July 30, 2008

less chunk?

Lately, I've been leaving the updating to Chai. I haven't really had any changes, I've just been busy with normal day to day stuff, and preparing myself for my vacation next week. Chai decided to poke and jab at me to post something and I told her I couldn't think of anything to post about. I hadn't lost any weight in the last couple weeks. I haven't been real good or even semi good with exercising. I did a lot of walking around over the weekend at the local Folk Fest, but that's about it. Then she sent me this "you do look more chunk in the picture, ... than you do now!" So I got to thinking, I never really notice a change in myself. I see myself every day so it doesn't seem to register in my head that I'm thinner than I was before. But after looking at the picture, and seeing myself in the mirror, I guess I do notice a difference. My pants feel like if I lose much more weight, I'll have to put a new hole in my belt to keep them up. :) So maybe more is going on and I just don't notice it.

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Chai Latté said...

its truuueee.

I don't notice it on you either, cause I see you every day! But I do notice it in that picture. you look.. wider, like the pic is stretched out! haha

Thanks for updating, lazy bum!