Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

As I feared... I am getting entirely too comfortable. Today, I neglected to count my carbs. I ate low carb, mind you. But, I didn't count my carbs. I went way over 20g for sure.I simply could not resist having a bowl of raspberries! I also bought some cocoa roasted almonds, which, are an amazingly low 3g per serving. But I must have eaten at least 3 servings. Sweet baby jesus, they are GOOD. But now, my intestines are angry, and I am disappointed in myself for this first "screw up"

But there.

I am officially over it. ;-)

It's done, I can't change it, but I won't do it again.

2 refreshing comments:

Jenn Baker said...

I had a delicious handful (25) frozen blueberries.

They were amazing!

I'm going to buy some, divy them up between some baggies and freeze them for future fun!

Ohhhhhhhh, I can't wait.

Jenn Baker said...

PS - If you're going to cheat, what you did was a good cheat. Much better than swan diving into a bottomless bag of Dorito's... which is what I would do. That nacho cheezy goodness used to call to me, but happily I can resist. :)