Thursday, July 3, 2008

It just hit me

Wow.. I didn't really notice or realize it until I just saw the ticker on the bottom of the site here. I'm over half way to my goal. I'm looking at another 18lbs and I'm at the goal weight I set for myself. It seems like that's hardly anything. Looks to me like I've got more than that hanging around. I'm gearing myself up to think this is going to be the hardest part of losing. It's weird, I really haven't had to put a ton of effort into this diet. But, it's working, so I'm not complaining. :)

I think the hardest part of this has been going out to eat. Usually, it's not so bad, I get a steak, or some meat with a side salad and tasty blue cheese dressing. When it gets tough, is when the restaurant brings over rolls, and garlic oil type stuff. Good example is last night. Chai, her man, and I went out for dinner at Not Your Average Joe's. Not the most low-carb friendly place to eat, but they have some steak tips, and a few other good/decent choices. But they bring over this tasty sourdough bread chunks and some of the tastiest garlic oil, with shake cheese and red pepper flakes with the menu's. I think I'm drooling just thinking about that stuff now. I love it! It's so hard to not grab a chunk of bread and mow down, when it's right in front of me. If it wasn't for Chai, I may have grabbed a piece. Other places are just as hard, those snacks they bring are the killer! Chili's chips and salsa, Bertucci's rolls and oil, 99's brings popcorn, or those cheese and crackers. Those are my favorite part of the meal sometimes. Sometimes, it really helps a whole lot to have someone at the table who supports you and eats the sme way. It really makes it easier for me to say helllll no bread! you're not going to make my tongue happy this time!

Cravings kinda stink too. Luckily I haven't had too many of those.

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Tim & Tamara said...

I completely feel your pain.

Maybe we should start ordering an alternative appetizer. Maybe something not even on the menu, like a cheese plate, or some veggies and dip... I dunno. I think most places might accomodate somehow.