Wednesday, July 30, 2008


One more thing I've noticed, is Chai does all the research for this low-carb stuff and I reap the fruits of her labor. I really don't know a whole lot about what I'm doing on this diet, besides watching my carb intake. This becomes very apparent when someone asks me questions. Why are carbs bad? Why don't you eat carbs? What are the benefits of the diet? My usual response is, I'm not really sure. But it works great for weight loss, as long as you stick to it. Or at the very least, it works great for me.

When grabbing my lunch the other day from a local deli, I ordered 3/4 of a pound of chicken salad. When the lady brought it over, she asked if I was buying it this way because of a diet. I said yeah, and said I'm not doing strict atkins, just a low-carb way of eating. She said she had just started out doing Atkins a few weeks ago, and asked me for advice, and how I was doing, how long I'd be doing it for, stuff like that. She had asked for advice, because she was stalling already. As I said, I'm not the theory junkie in this duo of fat fighting, I'm more the muscle of the operation, so I didn't really have any questions for her that might have clued me in as to what, if anything she was doing wrong. I simply told her, that the low-carb life really does work, and everyone stalls at some point, but not to get discouraged and the pounds would start falling off again soon. Also, she should take measurements, to help notice a difference when the scale isn't moving. I also advised her to stay away from the donut she had been craving. ;) She was real nice about the whole thing. I do have to admit though, it's still very odd for me to get used to being some form of inspiration to someone. I really don't think I've done much of anything special. Especially after reading some of the other blogs out there, people have lost insane amounts of weight. You guys are the real inspiration. Thanks :)

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