Friday, July 18, 2008

Pushing the world down

Day two of the challenge done and crushed like an empty beer can. No, in neither case did I use my forehead. Today was 9-8-6-5-max out(min of 7) for a minimum of 35 push ups. 90 Seconds in between sets. That part is brutal. Tomorrow is even more waiting! 120 seconds between sets. I managed to push out 12 reps on the max out. It was definitely harder to get into the double digits this time, I was still a little sore and tired from Tuesday's session. Not too bad though, I managed another 40 push ups. Already more than I was expecting to be able to do. I do know I can't drop and push out 40 in a row though. Should be interesting to see how many I can bang out in a row after 6 weeks. I'm hoping for the 100. :)

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Chai Latté said...

I did 10 for my max out! So that's like.. 37? I rule! You rule!