Monday, July 21, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Whew. I somehow missed the weekend! Where did it go? Have you seen it?

Friday night I took my sister and my mom to the Melting Pot for fondue dinner! They had an AWESOME time, and I did too! I behaved myself with the food. I even had some bananas and strawberries with dark chocolate, but I budgeted for it, I promise!

Saturday was my friends wedding, and it was beautiful. Buffet lunch, had 1 plate of salad, with 1 slice of roast beef. No cake!

Sunday was a B-day BBQ, and I wasn't very hungry. I had 4 slices of apple with goat cheese, 1/2 hot dog, and 2 cups of salad.

Moral of the story is.. I had a good, but busy weekend. I ate well, didn't exercise enough, and as usual, didn't lose an ounce.

This week, I am doing mostly meat and eggs. Keeping it SUPER low carb. If I lose, I'll know I've been somehow consuming too many carbs. If I stay the same, I might try to increase carbs next week. All the while.. I will be exercising more. I need to find the culprit here. Because this is getting VERY old.

I completed my day 3 of push ups too! Yay! I am getting better at them already. Not that I am getting stronger.. just that I am figuring out the proper form better. I think I can totally do this challenge! I can't wait until I am on to big girl push ups!

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Melissa said...

Good eating! :) I went to a bbq too, and ate pork, turkey, tomatoes, and beans. Had to avoid about 7 different brownie/cake/fruit desserts, and that sucked.