Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seriously? Whyyougottabethatway?

So, the general consensus of people who I have asked for advice from, seem to tell me the same thing. - pick a diet plan, follow it religiously. This will tell me if it's my body being dumb, or if I haven't been choosing/tracking my food properly.
Sounds good, I think. Here's the problem. . . every low carb meal plan I have checked out today, has looked identical to what I've been eating.

I just copied down a full weeks worth of Atkin's. I put it into a shopping list.. and voila, it's exactly the same as my shopping list from last week. I'm obviously making the right choices with food here.

But whatever. I am going to do eat precisely what this tells me to. And we shall see.
I desperately hope to figure out what it is that is stalling me. I have been drinking more coffee lately. about 8-10 oz every other day or so. I'll cut that out for a bit.
Diet soda as well, chop that out too.

*sigh* and so it goes!

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Melissa said...

hey - my southbeach guide tells us that in phase 2, we could plateau for awhile, and that 6-8 weeks is not uncommon. so, i think you're doing it right, you've just reached a plateau. i think that by you hitting the gym this week, you're going to push yourself through the plateau and be well on your way to dramatic loss! :) i've got faith! :)