Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That stinks.

I am up 2.5lbs

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Fatty McFat-Fat said...

5.5 pounds of muscle! grrrrrrrrr!So you're actually down three pounds. ;)Maybe your corgi is playing jokes on you and put the batteries in the scale backwards.

Chai Latté said...

Hah yeah, that MUST be it !

ammy said...

Sorry about the gain...that does really suck!!

I will admit, I don't understand the "counts" of Atkins, but whenever I cut my fat too much, I gain weight. I have to have my fat or my body is thrown into starvation mode and I gain weight.

What are the counts you are following?

Chai Latté said...


Thanks. It is aggravating!

I don't count anything but total carbs! I guess I should start.. but honestly, this diet was working so well for me (mentally) because it was so easy, and I didn't have to become obsessive with it. When I become obsessive, I then compulsively overeat as well.
But we'll see!

Jenn Baker said...

Sorry about that! I left you a message about my Scale Drama this morning.

I'll be honest, I'm frustrated. I'm seriously on the verge of trying a fad diet (cabbage soup, anyone?) just to get a loss.

I'm like a dang junkie. I need my fix! Shoot me up with some weight loss goodness.

When the scale lied to me, I felt sooo excited and HOPEFUL! It's the first time I've been hopeful in a long time. I *know* LC works. But I don't know how it's going to work for my body *this time*. I'd kick myself for gaining the weight back but I can't really reach my toosh with my foot. I'll bend over, feel free to give it a good hard kick.


This weekend I'm going to do my measurements. I suppose I'll share them on my blog since I share everything else. I'm not too happy about this, but hey, how can I say I'm in a stall if I'm losing inches?

They probably would have come in handy this week. :)