Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To be selfish.

When I am trying to lose weight (which is always), I am nearly obsessed with it. I check blogs, forums, websites, etc. constantly. I write out meal plans, I talk about it, I make time for exercise (somehow!?), I read tips, buy exercise clothes! Losing weight somehow turns into a full time job. Everyday I need to make decisions.
Do I pack up my healthy snacks for the day, or do I walk the dogs?
Do I go to the gym, or clean the kitchen?

If it were just for myself, I probably wouldn't mind as much. I'd let my house go to shit, I'd wear my clothes until I had none clean. But it's not just me. I run a house for two, I work a full time job, I have two "kids" (my fluffy pups!) And I need to run errands, do chores, keep my pups happy and healthy.

How do other people find the time? Cleochatra has like, 7 kids. What!? How does she do it!? Is she a good time manager? or does she simply understand the importance of self?

Is it possible to put yourself first, and still maintain the rest of your life? Or should I somehow take a break from life, to focus on my health?

I need to find a happy medium. I need to make schedules and actually stick to them. I have to sacrifice some outings and get togethers. I need to figure this out for a good solid year or two to lose all this weight and get fit. And pray that maintaining comes easier than the losing process.

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Melissa said...

i dunno if this would help, but awhile back, I read this book, and it helped me to organize better so I had more time.

its Time Management from the Inside Out, in paperback, by Julie Morgenstern

and I completely agree with you - I have had far less personal time since I've started trying to focus on the diet. Wii Fit takes an hour plus a day, plus packing lunch for the next day, making dinner at home that's healthy, dishes, ugh! It's overwhelming.

Jenn Baker said...

I struggle with my balance. I am a full time student where class and making the grade takes top priority, above all else, above me. Second comes me. Third comes DH. Fourth comes my doggehs (how did they rank fourth??? That's horrible of me!) Fifth comes cleaning the house.

I've basically settled into this odd routine where I spend everyday studying, once a week I cook and once a week I clean house. Everything else is pretty much daily: washing laundry, feeding the heathens, spending a little time talking to DH, etc etc etc.

I'd like to think things will get better when I graduate but then I'll have to balance work with life. I do believe it's a never ending viscious cycle and I figure I should just get used to it now. :)

Anyways, that's my jist of it.

Chai Latté said...

Melissa! Thanks for that link. I am definitely gonna check it out!