Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gimme a Minute!

Thanks :-) Now that we have a minute... we can make a muffin!

So, I told you about these One Minute Muffins.. I am starting to love them.
I'm going to make Fatty one tomorrow, so I'll let him give you the manly review.

Here is the recipe -

My basic rule for any recipe is that it must fit on a post it note. If it doesn't, it's too complicated for me.

So yeah, take all those ingredients, mix them all together in a coffee cup.
In this guy, I mixed raspberry and almond flavors as well. (The possibilities are ENDLESS I tell you!)

Once all mixed up nice, simply plop that sucker in the microwave for 60 seconds.
Pull it out, and you havea muffin! At first, it looks kind of eggy, spongey and soggy.
It is.
Let it cool a little and then enjoy it. The cooler it gets, the more muffin-like it turns. With the flax, it's very.. earthy, almost bran-like. But, the inclusion of a nice spread of butter or cream cheese, and it's like a baked fruit bread.

I know that is NOT the most delicious looking picture. But hey, not all the good we eat is as beautiful as my cheesecake down there.
This muffin is not really something you want your coworkers to see you eat. It looks like a frothy turd.

But I enjoyed it! :-)

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