Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a Miracle!

So, today I got my Miracle Noodles. They are Shirataki noodles. They are made entirely from soluble fiber. Zero carbs, zero calories. Amazing! And seemingly too good to be true. But OH NO. It's not. It IS true!

I've read a lot of conflicting reviews. Some people adore these things. Some people can't stand the texture. So, I was pretty hesistant (but hopeful!)

Personally, I loved them! You definitely need to love ethnic foods. These are very very similar to the noodles you'd find in some Thai dishes, and Japanese dishes. If you've had Pad Thai, or Singapore Rice Noodles... it's along those lines. It is NOTHING like spaghetti. Lucky for me, I do not like italian type pasta, but I LOVE soba noodles.

Aaaanyway. Second thing they have going for them is that they require NO cooking! Amazing! You simply rinse them in cold water, and you are good to go! I did heat mine up in a pan with some bean sprouts and teriyaki sauce (2g).

Here they are, taking a bath. Mm soothing.

I know, it's a FORK. I tried to use chopsticks.. and they slippery bastards weren't having it.

All in all, if you like the kind of noodle I described.. I can't recommend these enough. If you're desperate for something to have your marinara sauce on? Mmm, I'd suggest spaghetti squash instead.

I cannot wait to make some kind of curry beef singapore noodle type dish!

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