Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Scale was back up to 248 this morning. Not gonna worry about it. I had a lot of salty stuff yesterday and not much water, and I don't think I've pooped in like, 4 days. hahah so, I have a feeling that 1.5lbs is coming right back off!

Just been buzzing around the house today (and all day yesterday) cleaning. I don't know how I let the laundry get so backed up. But it's obnoxious.

I think Fatty is back soon. Thank goodness! i hope he posts about low-carbing in Las Vegas! :)

I HAVE to do my push ups tonight. I have missed 2 days now and that stinks!

back to cleaning now!

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FatGirl said...

I have that problem too, i.e. not going twosies for days and days then when I go, I drop a pound or two instantly.