Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh well...

Another goal down the crapper. I knew 5lbs in 7 days was too much to ask for. Especially when I can't even lose 1lb in 7 days. Ah well. I am going for 2lbs this next week. I am definitely gonna hit that. You can count on it!

I had the killer munchies today. I did have about 7 almonds, which i shouldn't have.. but, oh well. I doubt they'll through me off too much.

I've been thinking about my future goals, and how slowly I am moving toward them.
I am still happy with my progress, and relieved to be losing at all, no matter how slowly. BUT. I have important goals and deadlines that I have set, and I will be genuinely upset if I don't come close to reaching them.

I think the part that gets me.. is that I can't work any harder. I eat nearly perfectly, I work out almost every day. The results are up to my body to decide.

Come on body, do the right thing!

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