Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slowly but Surely

I often ponder why weight loss has to be so damn hard. Why does it take so long, so much willpower, so much physical exertion? Why can't we just carve off what we don't want quickly and painlessly?

I really think that the journey is essential. I have often thought that I would gladly sell my soul to the devil, to be able to just wake up tomorrow a skinny person. But I don't think that would achieve as much as I think it would.

I think that all this determination, motivation, self respect, and down and dirty hard work will make me who I am, no matter how fat or skinny the body I am in is.

I could wake up skinny tomorrow... but who would I be? How could I be proud of myself? How could I even know myself, or what I am capable of?

I do HATE the act of dieting, I despise exercise. All I want is to be thinner and healthier. But I am learning to embrace the journey. To take what it has to offer in making me a better person. And especially... learning to be a little bit selfish, and have some respect for myself enough to make a change for the better.

Two years ago they did a poll (I heard it on the radio) of overweight females. 90% of those asked said that they would gladly lose a year off of their lives to be magically skinny. 45% said they would lose TEN years for it.

Hello? If you are willing to lose a year off the end of your life... why not take one year NOW, and focus on the weight loss? I'm not LOSING this year. Yeah, I'm focused, and maybe not doing all the things I could possibly do...but I am still living. I'm still happy. And I'm going to lose it all. And next year, and the year after, and all the other years of my life I will happier and healthier for it.

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