Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Alarm didn't go off this morning. So I woke up an hour late. Didn't have time to fix my usual omelet for breakfast. :-/ I scrounged up a breakfast of pepperoni, cheese, and green olives. Tasty, but not quite as filling as I'd hoped.

Did my push ups last night. It was the first really hard session. I had to do 63 push ups. I maxed out at 60. I am getting way better at them, going further down, straighter back, all of that. But man, it was hard.

So, I somehow "gained" 2lbs the other day. Which seems weird, on induction. But whatever. I lost 1.5 of it this morning. So I am back at 247.5.
I so desperately want to lose 5lbs before Fatty's return. Which is this weekend. So, operation 5lbs in 4 days has commenced!

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Melissa said...

well. normally, on induction, alot of people right before they start are eating like crap. then they cut carbs dramatically, and bam, lose a ton of weight. since you have been being so good all along with your carbs, induction's probably not shocking your system enough to get all that loss that others might experience. :( sucks, but that seems like the appropriate explanation :) said...

It's just a weight fluctuation. Nothing to stress over. :)