Monday, September 29, 2008


My 237.5 was definitely a fluke. I am holding still at a rolly-pollie 241.5.

I can't seem to shake it. Been eating good, working out, drinking my water, taking my vitamins, etc, etc, etc.

It's very frustrating! I was THIRTY pounds down! a milestone! (which I clung to, vigorously!)

I know that I just need to be patient, and let my body lose at the pace it wants to.
How can I possibly know if I am doing something wrong? What if I am? If there is something I can do even better, I need to know! I'd rather speed this process up a bit, if I could!

Ah well, enough bitchin' for the day.

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Vikki said...

I'm sorry for your frustrations. I hit a stall that lasted nearly over three months. I tried everything, nothing seemed to work. Finally I just gave up and decided I would never lose another pound, but I was sticking with it no matter what. Finally I guess my body was feeling generous and I started losing again... you will too.